We are professionals from different areas who are looking for the marine conservation offering experiences which connect the traveler with nature as well as to awake interest in a major sensitization and learning. We are committed with the protection and safeguard of the marine resources through coral sowing as our main activity. We invite people to travel with a purpose while they learn and enjoy of wonderful places.

We also contribute to the protection and conservation of the hawksbill sea-turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), mangrove restauration and environmental education.

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sustainable tourism

We promote sustainable tourism to contribute to the economy of the communities and the conservation of natural resources

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environmental awareness

We provide our knowledge for the environmental awareness of locals and visitors

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hawksbill sea-turtle

We protect and conserve the Hawksbill turtle, along with the Isla Fuerte communities.

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Sowing of Corals

We offer unique experiences to visitors through the planting of corals as a tourist activity.

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Mangrove Restoration

We contribute to the restoration of ecosystems by planting mangroves of different species.

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Protecting the sea

We carry out campaigns for the knowledge and protection of the sea and its resources.

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We have specialized plans for your comfort, attend our days or choose the date you prefer on the Coral Route.


“immerse yourself with us in an amazing experience and live in a living school the wonders of the sea. Learn all about corals”


“Become a coral keeper while enjoying a wonderful experience at sea as a living school”

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“Calling those who want to be part of a unique experience sowing corals and learning from the sea in a living school”

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We are professionals in different areas that seek to contribute to marine conservation, through programs that connect the traveler with awareness and learning.

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